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Voice Tap
Voices too quiet
Voice Tap supplies a microphone level signal to your powered speakers. You should get acceptable volume with most computer type speakers, but some speakers expect a line level (louder) signal. If you need louder output, try different speakers. Remember, they must be powered, amplified speakers.

Voice levels not matched
The relative level of local and far end voices is partially a function of the telephone. You may want to try a different phone.

No audio output
Make sure you only plug a stereo cord into the stereo output jack. If you plug a mono plug into the stereo jack, you will temporarily short out both jacks.

Voice Port
Cannot transmit audio
The three position "Handset Type" switch on the back of Voice Port selects between (A) electret, (B) dynamic, and (C) carbon telephone handset microphone types. When you push in the grey "Play" button, Voice Port replaces the handset with the audio input signal. It is difficult to determine the type of microphone in a handset by looking at it. Simply try all three positions for the best match.
Position C is very strong, so you may have to turn down the audio signal when trying this position. Also make sure the audio signal into the Voice Port is at line level. You can use a line level or headphone level source.

Voice Over
Phone audio level dropped
The receiver audio level will drop considerably if the audio input cord is not connected to an audio source. Keep the cord plugged into a headphone output or amplifier output.

Does not work with headset
Make sure Voice Over is connected between the telephone base and headset amplifier.

Replacement power supply
Phone Port requires a 18 VDC center positive unregulated power supply capable of supplying 100 mA of current. We sell replacement power supplies if you misplace the original. Warranty is voided if incorrect supply causes circuit damage.


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