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Application Issues
Q -
We need to do a sales presentation where everyone in a conference room hears both sides of a telephone conversation. A speakerphone won't work. We want only one person talking on a handset. Any ideas?
A - Our Voice Tap is just the answer. Voice Tap provides a nice mix of both sides of the conversation as well as any touch tones pressed. Just connect to a powered speaker or PA system.

Q - Why would your audio tap work any better than the one we can get from the electronics store?
A - Telecom Audio handset taps get connected to the handset cord of your existing telephone. Not only does this give you compatibility with more telephone systems, but it gives us access to a better mix of your voice and the callers voice. We also use high quality transformers to isolate hum and noise. Many of the recording adapters you will find at electronics stores get connected to the phone line jack where your voice is much louder than the caller's voice.

Q - Do you have an audio interface that will work with wireless or cordless phones?
A - Sorry, we only have wired telephone solutions for recording.

How to buy
Q -
Where can we buy Telecom Audio products locally?
A - Right now, Telecom Audio products are only available online. You can submit your order by calling 1(800) 552-8346 Toll Free in the USA during our regular business hours, Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 5:00PM CST.

Q - How can I tell if a product is in stock?
A - If the order can ship complete, we will give you the shipment tracking number as soon as we approve payment and prepare the shipping label. If any item on your order is not in stock, we will give you the approximate shipping date which will give you the opportunity to cancel the order if you decide not to wait.

Q - Can we get a quantity discount for ordering more than one item?
A - Please call or email your request for a wholesale discount on orders over $1000.

Shipping Questions
Q -
When will my order ship?
A - If the product is in stock, orders can ship the same day, Monday through Friday, in the US, if received by 11:00 AM, CST, and if there are no credit verification delays.

Q - How can I tell if a product is in stock?
A - We will reply via email with an expected ship date and price confirmation.

Q - Do you ship outside the United States?
A - Telecom Audio products are only approved for sale in the US and Canada.

Return Policy
Q -
What is your return policy?
A - If your Telecom Audio product does not perform as described, you may return the product and all accessories within 30 days of receipt, in its original packaging for a refund. We will refund the selling price of the product if returned in new condition with all materials. If physical damage is evident, or accessories are missing, we may reduce the refund by an amount (typically 15%). We do not refund shipping charges.

Please return with shipping charges prepaid using UPS, FedEx or other method which offers package tracking to verify receipt. We will not pay "Shipping Collect" charges.

Return Address:
Telecom Audio, Inc.
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1311 E 6th Street
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